How to Stay Up to Date on Adoption News

Just as adoption practices have changed over history, they continue to change today with new laws, regulations, trends and expectations. If you’re considering adopting a child or placing a child for adoption, you may want to consider keeping up to date on adoption news so you’re aware of these changes — and how they may affect you.

There are many adoption news sites available online to help you learn more about adoption statistics, current laws and general information. Whichever one you use will likely depend on what kind of information you want. A good idea is to follow some major adoption organizations and professionals on social media, as they tend to post important adoption news quickly, preventing you from having to comb through the internet to find information that’s pertinent to you.

Here are some adoption news sites to consider viewing and following on social media:

Adoption Organizations

These are typically adoption research institutions or adoption professionals who work to provide the most recent adoption news to their readers and followers. Some good resources to check out are:

We encourage you to research these adoption news websites and organizations to discover which one best provides the information you’re looking for. Adoption is a highly personal experience for all members of the adoption triad, and the resource that works best for one may not work well for another.

Adoption News Sites

In addition to the adoption-specific organizations above that deliver adoption news, you may want to follow general publications, as well. While these publications are not solely dedicated to adoption, they’ve begun to recognize the importance of assisted reproductive technology and adoption news to their readers. Several, like the ones below, have created specific sections on their websites for adoption news:

While these shouldn’t be your only resources for adoption news, they are a great place to start. To learn more about adoption news, make sure you’re reaching out to your adoption professional, as well as looking at other adoption-related blogs and social media accounts online. General news outlets will also pick up major adoption stories; you may find out that once you start paying attention, you’ll see adoption news in places you never saw it before.